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 Women Affairs Organization

Our Mission

To illuminate the lives of women by encouraging the brilliance of Jesus Christ within them to shine.




  •  Inspire women to develop a personal relationship with Christ

  •  Educate today’s young women to be leaders of tomorrow

  • Invest in the empowerment of women entrepreneurs and mentoring programs

  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle by creating fitness opportunities for women to participate in.

  • Honor remarkable women and their remarkable legacies

We INSPIRE: Women to experience the fullness of God by developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We inspire women to pray, live and operate in the power of the Holy Ghost. We encourage a lifestyle of worship and development of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. 


We EDUCATE: Today’s Young Women to be Leaders of Tomorrow

We educate young women seeking to expand their educational pursuits and go to college by providing scholarship information and networking opportunities. We reach out and encourage others to join us by starting their own educational empowerment awareness, and to pass on the opportunity to more young women.

We also encourage and support women from all walks of life to know their past and dare to make their mark on history by educating them on the amazing contributions, unique journeys and on-going achievements of extraordinary women in our state’s rich history.

Furthermore, we provide mentorship opportunities for young women 45 and under through our Ruth & Naomi mentoring program.  In this program, women are taught the importance of celibacy, purity, and how to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.


We INVEST: In the empowerment of women entrepreneurs

We encourage financial freedom and independence by investing in the whole woman and linking them to business training, mentoring, and a support network that can help them start or expand their own business.


We WORK – out and eat healthy so that our physical temples may be honoring to God

We participate in community runs, athletics and other sports not only to encourage unity, but also to provide a means whereby women can exercise and practice a healthy lifestyle in a fun and wholesome environment. Forums and discussions are held addressing health concerns and practical ways to live a better life.  


We HONOR: Remarkable women and their remarkable legacies

We honor women who have stepped forward in the spirit of Christ and changed our community and world with their courage, wisdom and strength. We honor their work through The New Life Women Awards and support their mission with love and encouragement. The New Life Women Awards and the Dr. Terry Ellison Distinction Award were created by Lady Jevonnah Ellison in 2011. The New Life Women Awards are given to those who live with a deep sense of purpose and are passionately dedicated to serving others. The Dr. Terry Ellison Distinction Award is given to those women who identified problems and unmet needs in their communities and have worked tirelessly to solve them. By honoring them, we hope to inspire others to be Architects of Change. 



Lady Jevonnah Ellison, President
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